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Head of Russian party expelled

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Christian Mangion

Valeriy Fedorov, the head of the United Russia (UR) ruling party executive committee in a district in St Petersburg will be removed from his post and probably from the party after publicly criticising and disagreeing with United Russia’s position on a number of issues.

Speaking to the Russian online portal, Valeriy Fedorov held that the laws about rallies, NGOs, the internet and slander, together with regulations governing searches of homes of opposition activists and recent criminal cases against pro-opposition actions will lead to the destruction of society, hence United Russia must go back to a normal political agenda and start a healthy dialogue and some basic changes of the Constitution should take place.

Members of the United Russia party immediatly denounced the comments of their collegue, stating that such comments are not in line with civilised discussion and that he has gone beyond normal human decency.

Head of St Petersburg party committee Sergey Yuryev described Fedorov as “one of the numerous marginal incendiaries who are trying to start a civil war in Russia".

Although it proclaims itself as a democratic party open to discussion, no member of the United Russia Party spoke in favour of Fedorov, who became the first and only member to partake in an opposition forum in St Petersburg.

"I do not think that I did anything unethical. I just wanted to draw attention to the problem of reforming the United Russia party,” Fedorov told

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